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React vs Angular – Which is the Best for the Next Project

By Aspire Softserv 20 Aug 2021


In React vs Angular article, we will explain the complete analysis between React vs Angular. React and Angular both frameworks come with great features.

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Let’s start

React vs Angular – Overview:

Google and Facebook are two of the capable companies in the world and each has created a new framework for building web applications. The process from the static server template side (Javascript based jQuery DOM manipulation) to the Single Page Application (Front-End routing and the REST API) has had a major impact on the entire web industry.

React vs Angular – Introduction:

Before start, If you are new or a beginner to React Js, read our previous post on React Introduction.

If you are into designing any web applications, deciding the best JavaScript frameworks can be a hectic and struggling task. Whether you’re a beginner trying to understand where to start, a company that chooses a framework for your next project, or an enterprise- architect planning a strategic vision for your company, you’re likely to think to choose the best framework for successful projects.

React vs Angular both frameworks come with great features. So that it’s not easy to choose between React and Angular. In the next paragraph, we will try to explore React vs Angular.

Let’s start a detailed analysis of the React library vs Angular framework.

React vs Angular are the most popular languages all over the world.

React is introduced by Facebook and React is introduced by Google.

React vs Angular Popularity: Last 12 Month:

As per Google Trends, React vs Angular is the trending topic in 2020 and 2021. The below Graph is from the past 12 months.



React vs Angular Popularity: Last 5 Years:

As per Google trend report, If we check popularity for the last 5 years (2015 – 2020) as average. From the below graph, we can see that React was initiated in 2016, and angular was developed in 2013. React is growing as compared to Angular.


Don’t worry !!! We will explain differentiation and explain when to use Angular or React. We will go through all the complete analysis between React and Angular.

React vs Angular – Popularity by StackOverflow:

As per the StackOverflow survey, In 2020, Jquery is one of the most popular frameworks. React became popular among developers and designers and achieved the second rank and angular achieved the third rank as per the below image. 

popular-language-Developer-Survey-2020 image credit: StackOverflow

If you’re getting to use Javascript to create an application. Your choice of framework is key to the success of your project. Angular and React remain the two most popular frameworks to use in Javascript development. While both of these frameworks can be used to build web apps and mobile apps. They each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at Angular vs React to determine which one might be the best choice for your project.

React vs Angular: Understanding the Frameworks

React – React is an open-source Javascript library used for developing dynamic user interfaces. It was first initiated by Facebook, and it is based on Javascript & a PHP extension called JSX.

Angular – AngularJs is a comprehensive Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework that is powered and maintained by Google. Like React, Angular is used to build the dynamic components of a website.

Benefits and Drawbacks of React

Benefits of React

  1. Easy and Simple Syntax: One key benefit of React is that it doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Its syntax is easy and simple, and most developers observe that they can adopt it up easily. To understand another major benefit of React. It’s important to have some knowledge of the Document Object Model (DOM) and how it works.
  2. Power of Dynamic Dom: The DOM is a structure that represents the arrangement of a web page. Developers can add any dynamic content to a page by adding changes to the DOM. When a user normally interacts with dynamic features on any web page, the DOM first needs to be reloaded.
  3. Quick Update with Virtual Dom: React optimizes performance by creating a copy of a web page’s DOM; this copy is called a virtual DOM. Instead of updating the complete DOM every time a user interacts with a dynamic component of a page, React identifies the virtual DOM to see what actually needs to be updated and only updates the applicable sections of the DOM.

Drawbacks of React

While the advantages of React make it a popular choice among developers, there are a couple of drawbacks that you should keep in mind before choosing a framework for your project.

  1. Library not Framework: One disadvantage is that React is only a library, not a full-fledged framework like Angular. That means that you will include other libraries to handle the different situations of your application.
  2. Not supporting Template: React doesn’t support templates over angular support templates.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Angular

Benefits of Angular

  1. MVC pattern: If you ask Angular developers about the benefits of the framework, most will agree with Angular’s implementation of the MVC pattern as the main advantage. While other frameworks restrict you to divide your application into MVC components. Other frameworks force you to write an MVC pipeline to link the pieces together again, Angular manages the components for you.
  2. Easy to Build web applications: The comprehensive nature of Angular is another important benefit: Angular offers a from beginning to end solution for front-end development. You can easily build web applications without any problem regarding other modules or structures. 
  3. Strong Community Support: Angular also enjoys easy and strong community support, and it supports a large network of developers and also designers that add continuous value to the community.

Drawbacks of Angular

  1. Steep Learning Curve: It’s clear that Angular development offers some compelling advantages for your mobile or web application project, but Angular also comes with a few drawbacks. The sharp learning curve associated with the framework is its biggest disadvantage, but the difficulty of learning this framework has been exaggerated a bit.
  2. The complexity of Angular: The complexity of Angular means it takes more time to master all the fundamentals and technical concepts of the framework.

Difference between Angular Vs React

Here are some key differences between Angular Vs React.

Initial Release20162013
Latest Version IN 202017.
Framework TypeOpen Source JS libraryFully-featured MVC
LanguageJavaScriptJavaScript, HTML
Learning CurveLowHigh
RenderingServer SideClient-side
Tool ChainLowHigh
Data BindingUni-DirectionalBi-Directional
App ArchitectureNone combined with Flux Full-fledged MVC framework written in JavaScript

Angular Vs React – Key Differences

  • React supports Unidirectional data binding while AngularJs supports Bi-directional data binding.
  • React is easy to understand and execute but on the other hand, AngularJs is difficult due to third-party syntax and libraries.
  • React is on the Open Source Framework while AngularJs is on the MVC framework.
  • React works on Virtual DOM while AngularJs works on Regular DOM.
  • React supports Javascript while Angular supports Javascript as well as HTML.
  • AngularJs supports MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) which permits developers to work independently on the same project using the same data.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. What are the differences between angular and react?

There are differences between Angular and React.

For example: React works with one-way data binding whereas Angular operates using two-way data binding. Likewise, Angular uses actual DOM while React depends upon virtual DOM.

2. Is angular considered faster than react?

No is the answer, React is faster than angular because of Virtual DOM.

3. Is react the best framework?

The answer to this question fully depends upon what your app requirements or needs are. That means, React is the best framework to use when you want to design a highly customized app using variable states like active/inactive navigation items, dynamic inputs, a user logs in, buttons enabled/disabled, and access permissions, etc.

4. Which is the most popular: React or Angular?

It is hard to say or select between React or Angular. While React has more searches as per google trends, StackOverflow, Angular is highly considered by developers because of the availability of ready-made solutions – fitting both are popular in the market.

5. Which is easy to learn angular or react?

React is far easier to learn. It can easily start and integrate with any project.

6. Why Is React More Popular Than Angular?

React has a great and vibrant environment that provides developers with the flexibility to create your applications. This makes it more popular than Angular.

7. Is Angular still relevant in 2021?

There are many questions around if Angular is still relevant, if it’s losing popularity, or if it’s dying. Angular is still very popular and no it is not dying. Angular 8 has been achieving continuous market growth as per StackOverflow and google trends for its outstanding performance.

Conclusion- Angular vs React – which is best for your next project.

Well, React and Angular developers can agree on one single point – You can build excellent applications with either framework once you gain some practical experience with it. Your choice of the framework will depend largely on your project’s requirements and your personal preferences.

For less-experienced developers, React may be a safer bet due to its relative simplicity; however, Angular development offers a comprehensive solution to front-end development that could benefit large-scale projects.

Ready to explore the best fit for your project? Contact us and make the right choice for your development journey.










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