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Recruitment company’s Client portal allows their clients view and manage their information on the portal whereas portal allows recruitment company’s members (employees) to view their clients’ information. Clients are invited by the recruitment company’s employee through the internal consultant portal.

Clients can see their list of active searches (Job) postings and related information like

1. My Searches – It will provide all the Open and past closed job details.

2. Live Search Metrics –

- Display active search’s live status information

- Display different type of metrics – Candidate Identified, Candidate Interviewed By, Candidate Disqualified, etc. for active search with total candidate count for specific metric

3. Executive Leader board – which includes list of candidates with candidate information. It will also show the Candidate skills, Attributes, and his(er) Fit quotient score with respect to selected job.

4. Candidate Fit Profile report – This report with help client to understand candidates insights and will help to select candidate for hiring.

5. Print Status Report – Allow to generate different types of client reports for active search(It will give insights of weekly progress on selected job for hiring) as followings:

- Search Status Report

- Search Status Report (with Next Steps)

- Board Search – Status Report

6. SFPA (Synchronous fit profile) – Section will provide the details regarding Job requirement. Like Skills, Attributes etc.

7. KGP Team – Display KGP team members associated with active search and client

8. Document Library – See documents specific to the active search as well as allows client user to manage their own document

9. Analysis – It provides the detailed analysis of all the candidates are part of Job hiring process.

10. Portal is also give the reminder notifications regarding candidate meeting and interview call timings.

11. Portal supports three languages – English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Our customer provides executive search services with strategic tools and organizational insights, delivering long-term value to their clients through a collaborative consulting process. The customer's team of partners are shareholders in the company and have worked across the globe.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

No need to subscribe to third- application for client and candidate data.

Approximate 60% cut down on operational costs.

Ease of managing & processing profiles of candidates.

Created a mobile app with web app functionality for on-the-go access to search information.

Improved quality of service provided to clients

Less human involvement and eliminated dependency on third-party software.

Improved efficiency and better response time

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Nowadays, it is very difficult to identify the best-fit candidate for the organization when looking for the list of candidate profiles for the search. A lot of things needs to look for when evaluating the candidate attributes and identify the candidate who best with the search.

More than 60% operational overheads to review all the candidate profiles and identify the candidates' behavior.

Maintain the leaderboard based on the candidate attributes.

Generate manual reports on the weekly basis after evaluation

No better way to select top candidates for the search among the list of candidates.


Implement online portal for clients which helps to clients to view search specific data and sync with cloud basedthird-party application data.

Synchronization of the documents of the search.

Integration of tool to preview different types of documents within the application.

Integration with an internal application.

Allow internal team members to view their clients' information as they see.


Aspire Solution

Aspire has provided a web-based offshore team for product development, from concept building through to delivery, as well as enhancement, maintenance, and support.

Our business analysts involved with the customer to understand the core idea and the problemsthey are facing in the day to day life.


Delivered the end product by dividing the work intothe different milestones so that all the work is being reviewed by the client at end of each milestone.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short term and the long-term requirements


Integration with third-partycloud based application to fetch data within the application


Development of dynamic reports with different export options.


Auto synchronization of documents with third-party application


Integration of toolfor previewing documents with the application


Implementation of custom roles &permissions for the different type of users.


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