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Case study

About the Project

Our client is a community of people who care about aging and elder care. They developed an application which shares an experience of caregiving and of being taken care of; share pain and love, despair, and hope. Here users can get answers, encouragement, and support from people.

Application is the place to make informed decisions about caregivers and doctors, as well as services for seniors, and senior living facilities, reviewed by our community.

Application is also a place to purchase a variety of products that make aging so much more comfortable and to learn about aging and health-care breakthroughs, and local news.

Application is place to find new opportunities, new on-line friends, and companions. To have a good time together, engaging in various hobbies and activities.


Our client had the vision to provide services and products to keep all aging parents safe, secure, and comfortable by making the home senior friendly. Initially, they started physical stores and ally with doctors to help seniors. Afterward, they planned to become online to help more people citywide.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

On-time almost bug-free portal delivered as promised in project execution plan.

Expansion of their market.

Business growth achieved up to 200%, in 2 quarters of launching portal.

Improved customer relationships with forums and online 24*7 support systems.

Repeat customer rate increased up to 35%.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Our customer decided to create a portal, but they did not have much exposure and do not have an experienced team on it. So, they want us to help them in the initial product development phase(s) and solve the following issues for them.

Product conceptualization and management

Define Scope for each phase

Choose best-suited tools and technologies for portal development

Define system architecture

E-commerce module development

SEO and analytical tools integration

Payment gateway integration (PayU Money for INR support)

Integration of logistic services (FedEx) for online shipment tracking

Product quality assurance by manual and automated testing

Define deployment process and strategies


Broadleaf customization to create custom REST services to achieve customer’s specific requirements.

Native mobile application support


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire provides a user-friendly platform for elderly individuals to access information, connect with others, and engage in various activities

Discussed and defined product scope, with a list of each feature in details.


Prepared a product execution plan for each release.


Prepared testing plans with detailed test case documents.


Defined system architecture and implemented same with best available tools and technologies.


Choose broadleaf commerce platform for backend REST services for fast development.


Followed continuous integration development practice for auto build, test, and deployment process.


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