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Performance management system is meticulously designed to facilitate yearly planning and goal alignment for all team members. It fosters two-way communication and feedback, while also providing real-time progress tracking and meeting summaries. The system is engineered to minimize biases in the process.

Key Features:

User Roles & Organizational Hierarchy: HR administrators can effortlessly assign ""team member"" and ""manager"" roles to employees by importing the org chart from Microsoft ADP through Liferay.

User Authentication: Team members and managers can securely access the system using their organization credentials.

Team Member Profiles: Team members can view and edit their profiles, including personal details, photos, titles, departments, managers, and contact information.

Team Member Annual Plans: Team members can craft their annual plans, encompassing aspirational statements, personal and professional development goals, annual objectives, review profiles, corporate objectives, departmental plans, and SWOT analysis.

Corporate Plan Creation: HR administrators can establish the company-wide plan, making it visible to all employees and managers and offering a downloadable PDF version.

Departmental Plans: Department heads can create departmental plans, detailing their purpose, focus areas, objectives, strategies, SWOT analysis, timeline, and key resources.

Team Member 90-Day Plans: Team members can develop 90-day plans, including quarterly goals, peer and upward feedback, aspirational statements, and alignment with corporate and departmental objectives.

Manager Approval: Managers can review and approve 90-day plans, with a clear approval process and visual indicators for plan status.

Team Member Checkpoints: Managers can track progress on review materials, and the system provides a clear overview of action items and completion status.

Six-Month Reviews (Team Members): Team members receive a link for their six-month review, including a grid of objectives, self-assessment, and attachment capabilities.

Six-Month Reviews (Managers): Managers review and comment on team members' six-month reviews, including feedback, development areas, and meeting completion status.

HR View: HR administrators have comprehensive access to plans and reviews across all organizational levels, including the corporate plan, departmental plans, and individual team members.

Schedule Screen: HR administrators can manage and view performance components by tier and due dates, ensuring efficient performance assessments.


Our esteemed U.S.-based client is a prominent provider of vehicle reimbursement solutions. They entrusted us with the task of developing a sophisticated Performance Management System for their enterprise. This system is intended to meticulously oversee and facilitate the advancement of their team members along their respective growth trajectories.

Tech Stack

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Benefits Delivered

Streamlined and efficient performance reviews.

Simplified documentation and compliance.

Data-driven insights for unbiased decisions.

Real-time tracking and goal alignment.

Enhanced performance and growth aligned with strategic objectives.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Previously, the organization relied on a manual performance management process that presented several challenges. This approach did not effectively enable management to monitor the team's progress in alignment with the organization's objectives. Several key issues arose:

Employees sometimes lacked clarity regarding the organization's vision and objectives.

The demands of other critical tasks occasionally led to the neglect of well-defined performance review processes.

Missed meetings resulted in a lack of alignment between employees and leadership in terms of strategic thinking.

There was a dearth of real-time evaluation metrics and tools.

The organization faced difficulties in providing timely feedback to its employees.


Developed a system that promotes strict adherence to the performance review process in a positive manner.

Implemened a secure system with access restricted solely to the organization's office network and validated through organizational user credentials.

Addressing the inherent challenge of minimizing biases as much as possible within the system's design and functionality.


Aspire Solutions

The successful implementation of a performance management system at Aspire SoftServ resulted in improved performance, increased employee engagement, and enhanced organizational effectiveness

Designed an intuitive workflow that significantly increased employee engagement and system utilization.


Provided HR administrators with a user-friendly interface, streamlining role assignments and improving efficiency.


Implemented stringent access controls, data privacy, and ensured 99.9% data security.


Introduced a feedback module with a data privacy wrapper, resulting in a 55% increase in on-time employee feedback submissions and a 15% growth in valuable suggestions.


Incorporated deadline and reminder systems, reducing missed deadlines and enhancing task management efficiency.


Enabled real-time employee progress tracking, contributing to a 10% boost in overall performance and a 25% reduction in performance-related issues.


Established a clear comparison between employee plans and organizational goals, effectively pinpointing mismatches and aligning objectives.


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