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About the Project

The project involved developing a bespoke system to address the client's challenges. They relied on an Odoo system, mainly the Point of Sale (POS) module, for daily sales but faced limitations when traveling to areas with no internet access. The project objectives were as follows:

Offline Odoo POS: Enable the client to run the Odoo POS module offline on their machines during sales campaigns in internet-deprived locations.

Data Synchronization: Implement a seamless data synchronization process to transfer sales, accounting, customer information, POS session details, and inventory data between offline and online systems upon returning to locations with internet connectivity.

Custom Module: Develop a specialized module to facilitate this offline and online system synchronization, as no suitable off-the-shelf solution was available in the Odoo marketplace.

To achieve these objectives, Aspire's engineers used the Odoo XML RPC API for secure data communication, created a user-friendly interface for data exchange, and ensured compatibility with both Odoo10 and Odoo11 versions.

In summary, the project's core mission was to deliver a tailored solution that allowed the client to operate their Odoo POS system offline during sales campaigns and seamlessly synchronize data with their main Odoo server upon returning to areas with internet access. This custom module provided an effective and efficient way to overcome the challenges posed by offline operations in remote locations.


Our customer is a leading IT service company dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a strong presence in the North American market and a global reach extending to 24 other countries, they specialize in providing a wide range of IT services.



Benefits delivered

No need to maintain multiple ERP instances.

Uninterrupted selling even when internet is not available.

Sync multiple instances anytime from anywhere.

Data entry time reduces to 30% with synchronzation process.

Easier accounting as only single system to look at.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statements

Our client had an Odoo system running on their premises. They use the Point of Sale module of Odoo for their daily sale. The problem with them was when they travel for campaigning and have sales, they can’t carry servers with them. Also, they need to travel to such areas where the internet is not available. For that purpose, they wanted to have a system that:

Allows to run Odoo POS on an offline machine.

Syncing of sales and accounting data when they return back.

Along with Sales they want to sync customer info, POS sessions and inventory with the main Odoo server.

They wanted to have a custom module that sync the offline and online systems and it was not readily available in the Odoo marketplace.


Both the servers have different amounts of data with different unique identifiers and different inventory. Also, each offline server shouldn’t be aware of other offline servers.


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire understood the requirement of customers and explored the different possible business scenarios. Our engineers explored and understood Odoo’s database thoroughly and found a way to implement it after some research.

Used Odoo XML RPC API to communicate between offline and online servers


Provided interface to push or pull data from offline server


Provided solution for Odoo10 & Odoo11 versions.


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