OASIS Service Order Management System for Home Health Agencies

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About the Project

The customer employs a team of managers and reviewers (Nurses). Reviewers evaluate patient medical charts and OASIS data and then provide customers with standardized reports containing medical billing codes and other information about the patient chart. The customer uses the information in the report to improve the OASIS before submitting it to insurance companies for billing.A web-based application to manage and process customer service orders. The application will be used by customers to submit service orders and used by managers & reviewers to process the requests and generate a service report in the PDF report.


Customer offers medical coding and OASIS review consulting service to certified home health agencies throughout the United States. The specific nature of consulting service focuses on a standardized data collection instrument and reporting tool called OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set).


Tech stack we used for building web Apps

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

The reviewer reviews the patient’s information, runs the pre-review and post-review calculation manually outside existing software, and enters data in the existing software.

More than 30% operational overheads to manage customer specific service orders, resulting in fewer reviews in a workday.

The high cost of maintaining multiple service orders of same patient and customer and full-time staff information.

Not user-friendly screen to enter data and validate against the actual data.

Generate dynamic screen for a different type of service orders.

Agency users cannot add their service orders to the software.

No integration of the Home Health Grouper to do the pre-review and post-review calculation.


Since the agency users can access the application and submit their service orders, we had to maintain the customer specific data accessibility in the application.

Integration of the Home Health Grouper in the application to do the pre-review and post-review calculation within the application.

Develop a dynamic screen to review service order where reviewers can enter service order data for M-questions and generate the report.

Each agency users, reviewers, and managers can see their dashboard and their specific data.

Purging of old service orders’ data which are not necessary.


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire provided a web-based product development offshore team from concept building to product delivery to enhancement, maintenance, and support.

Our business analysts are involved with the customer to understand the core idea and the problems they are facing in the day to day life.


Delivered the end product by dividing the work into the different milestones so that all the work is being reviewed by the client at the end of each milestone.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short-term and long-term requirements.


Integration of Home Health grouper with the application and removed third-party dependency with the application.


Generate dynamic service report builder form for the different types of service orders and easy to maintain the data.


Implemented the process workflow for managing and reviewing the service order.


Support for the previous version of the service reports.


Auto-linked patient history reports so that reviewers can directly refer to old reports without much effort.


Integration of the Message Board and Calendar application for internal users.


Automation of the purging of data on a daily basis to remove manual work.


Implementation of custom roles & permissions for the internal users.


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