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Our US based customer is a MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) which provides cell phone service for kids. It uses the mobile network service from major players in US like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

The service allow parents to manage their kid’s cell phone usage with phones that come installed with free parental controls. These controls allow parents to set limits on their kid’s cell phone texting, picture messaging and websites accessed via the cell phone, as well as manage what phone numbers calls/text can be made to and received from. Parent can anytime request current GPS location to check where the kid is.


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Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

Parent & Kids friendly application being very easy to use.

Manage parental controls any time using the web-based service configuration.

Wallet helps kids manage the balances and features of their phones.

GPS locator helps tracking a lost phone (or worst case lost child!)

Parents are assured about their kids as they can contact each other anytime.

Reduces the social gap between parent kids with close to home feeling.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

In the fast-moving world, it isn't straightforward for working parents to supervise or communicate with their kids at home or school. There wasn't any such service available that makes kids smartphone enabled. Buying a cell phone for a child is a big decision for parents. And it's a challenging one due to the following reasons.

It is not easy for kids to operate a smartphone.

The ability to download games and videos, and the adult content.

We limit outgoing calls/texts to keep the bills to a minimum.

How to locate a child if it is not answering calls or messages.


Implementing intermediate layer between mobile network provide and cell phone to make parent controls working.

To show realtime used/available balances to portal when a service like message, picture message, call, location is used.


Aspire Solutions

Aspire developed web based portal which lets parent manage the phone, activities and parental controls. .

Proposed best tech stack and architecture for the futuristic application.


Implemented concept of wallet to determine who pays for which service. This makes children wisely use a service.


Google maps integration to show child/phone's accurate location.


Paypal integration for the bill payments


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