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About the Project

The application is a platform for the customer to attract the maximum number of end users to download the application and participate in the Raffle Draw. Participation in the Raffle Draw is based on the number of coins accumulated and the ticket value of a particular product. The end-user has multiple options to earn points like, Watching reward videos, referring a friend, birthday coins, and many more.


Our UAE based customer, was interested to develop a mobile application, which is focused on the principle of a Raffle Draw.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits delivered

Less staff is required to manage draw.

Approximate 60% cut down on operational costs.

Marketing cost is negligible, end users market the application to ean the coins.

20% of users is increased after release same.

Provided bias free secured algorithm to choose winner.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statements

Our customer wanted to develop a portal that can be a marketplace for fixed-income securities investors. The customer told us that our customer has no such facilities that they can go online and check regarding all available investment options in one shot or get our investment tips. Many times due to this problem, investors miss the right opportunity for an investment.

High cost to market the new raffle draw.

Hard to attract new people.

Only possible to cover local region.

Only limited type of draw options are possible.


Conceptualization of the application to monetize application in many ways for increasing revenue.

Multi language and layout support to cover global market.

Real-time data updates for end user.

Easy to use web based admin control panel for raffle management and reports.

Collect data for user behaviours to analyze data for future decisions.

Application should support more than 1,00,000 concurrent users.


Aspire Solutions

Aspire established an end-to-end product development offshore team, starting from concept building to finished product delivery to support.

Our Business Analysts got in touch with the customer, understanding the core idea and the main problem we are targeting to solve by the proposed solution.


Helped the client with "Go To Market" strategy, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and phasing the relevant features.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short-term and the long-term goals.


Developed a web portal where owner can manage Raffle and report from anywhere.


Integrated many Ad. Networks using google AdMob for reward videos


Integrated Oauth2 based authentication for security of data using google FCM.


Used google FCM for real time data update and push notifications. Developed intuitive UI to attract users.


Integrated to share the application details to other people via application's existing users, which market the application globally and help to attract the new users.


Setup up cluster based environment for J2EE based REST server with load balancing which support more than expected concurrent users load.


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