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Effectively managing the human resource in your company plays a crucial role in ensuring consistent workflow productivity on a macro scale of the company. Aspire believes in creating custom software by leveraging advanced AI tech to optimize the utility of your company's human resource capital!

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ATS Software for Hiring & Recruitment

It is vital to hire applicants that meet your requirements and can align with the workflow and environment in your company. Doing so can ensure that the entire workforce is geared toward a common objective - the company's success. At Aspire, we harness the powerful capability of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop an applicant tracking system capable of sifting through the numerous job applications and resumes to optimize your hiring and recruitment processes.


Payroll Management

We offer our expertise in software development to ensure that your processes of employee payouts, tracking of advances and loans to employees, and appropriate tax deductions on payable salaries are entirely automated and, as a result, seamless. It rids the fundamental element of human error in effectively managing the company's payroll and finances.


Tracking & Managing EMP Leaves

Rather than creating endless spreadsheets to track and manage your employees' paid and unpaid leaves, we can custom-develop an automated employee leave management software. Your company can benefit from the reduced need for a team dedicated to Leave Management. Using a custom-made solution can ensure the proper salary deductions from your employee payouts that factor in the number of leaves an employee takes in conjunction with the number of paid leaves an employee can avail in a financial year.


Why Choose Aspire’s Software Solutions for Your Human Resource Capital Management Needs?


Affordable HR Management

Rather than depending on a separate team for HR management and investing sizable capital in them, you can invest in more cost-effective and efficient software. It works on core principles of AI, ML, and automation. It can help conserve valuable capital while improving the quality and processes of HR management.


Advanced Software that Meets Your Organization’s Requirements

With Aspire's experience in leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and ML, you can secure a level of automation and convenience in your human resource management processes that can only work positively by reducing the wastage of resources for your organization.


End-to-End System Efficiency

Our software solutions are developed with reduced downtime and loss of productivity as core issues to be overcome. Further, our software solutions require little to no human interference, and we can assure you of a dedicated support and customer service team to ensure that your issues are resolved soon.


Customizable Solutions Based on Your System of Leaves

Depending on whether your company offers 11 paid leaves per annum or 15, you can customize your software to factor in the leave policy that your organization follows and enforces. Calculating taxes and the final employee payout becomes more convenient and leaves no scope for human error.


Compliance with the Strictest Security Standards

Our team at Aspire ensures that all the solutions created and deployed meet the highest level of scrutiny concerning data protection and privacy.

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The Target Audience for HCM Software Solutions


Small, Medium, or Large Companies

Our software solutions can be customized and scaled to consider the number of employees at your organization, its payment structure, schedule, and any employee benefits and deductibles the organization provides. Such organizations can budget more profitably by including capital they would spend on an HR team.  

Banks and other Financial Institutions

Any financial institution is a complicated organization with varying hierarchies and human resources. Therefore, you can drastically reduce the magnitude of efforts in HR tasks with the power of automation. The software can be tailor-made to match your pay scales and leave policies.  

Hospitality Organizations

A prompt and complete team of chefs, waiters, and other staff is essential to the productivity of any hospitality organization and, consequently, effective productivity. Having an automated punch-in-punch-out system and functionalities to calculate the number and duration of shifts over a period ensures that employees remain punctual and reduce the scope for human manipulation.  

What Are the Advantages of Using Comprehensive Software Solutions in the Corporates Industry?

Better Control over Your Employee Data

Any organization can benefit from the systematic storage and effective Management of employee data. The salary payable to an employee, depending on the number of leaves taken, can be calculated using computers without worrying about the potential of human error.

Minimal Human Interference in Backend Processes

You can eliminate human biases and errors from the hiring and recruitment processes simply by deploying an efficient applicant tracking system. Doing this would optimize hiring to ensure that your workforce is always complete. Further, leave tracking and expense management are features that can be integrated into an organization's custom HRM software solution.

Software Solutions Built to Match Your HR Policies

We can scale software solutions to meet the policies and requirements of every individual company. Such policies can be tracked and managed using the power of sophisticated technology.

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What Software Can Help Manage The Current HCM Problems?


Workforce Management Software

This software can help organizations automate and optimize their workforce management processes, including scheduling, time and attendance, and shift management.


Payroll Software

This software can help organizations streamline and automate their payroll and benefits administration processes, including tax filing, paycheck processing, and benefits enrollment and management.


HR Analytics Software

This software can help organizations gain valuable insights into workforce data, including employee engagement, performance, and retention.


Talent Management Software

This software can help organizations manage talent management, from recruitment and onboarding to employee training and development, performance management, and succession planning.

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