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It started as an idea to simplify how consultants deliver services to their customers. For years, SaaS customers have paid for expensive external resources to fill in the internal gaps of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Starting with Workday, application was founded to find a way to give SaaS customers the automated tools and insights needed to self-manage their platforms without having to leverage additional external services.

1 - System consumes Workday, What’s New Items report and compares each release item against the configuration set up in your Preview environments, resulting in a detailed impact report to focus your team and leave more time for new feature adoption.

2 - Stay on top of Workday weekly service updates with automated impact analysis based on published release notes.

3 - See all the details about configuration setup in one easy-to-use location. Use application’ scheduled jobs to always have access to the latest configuration for reviews, requirements gathering, or even testing.

4 - Gain increased visibility for event processing across integration systems, business processes, and custom reports.

5 - Create and view historical snapshots of configuration setup as it changes over time.

6 - Analyse an environment’s configuration health and get actionable feedback for optimization.

7 - Compare and validate configuration setup between multiple tenants.

8 - View and filter security permissions, across domains, processes, and reports.

9 - Understand impacts when migrating a new batch of configuration updates.


Our US-based customer was working with many Fortune 500 companies as a workday consultant. He has a good in-depth knowledge of issues facing by each company. So, he decided to create a product which can help those companies.


Benefits delivered

Implemented secured and performance optimized solution.

Created MVP product in decided time and help customer to make it revenue generated quickly.

Able to provide risk assessment, Feature adoption and optimization recommendation. Expected by workday and SuccessFactors users.

Within two years of timeline able to onboard from 1 to 30 fortune 500 happy customers.

Workday user companies can finish two months of work in just two weeks.


Problem Statements

There is no portal available in the market to serve the same purpose our customer wants to achieve with the portal we're going to develop. The system requirements are not easy to understand.

Manual support of workday updates.

Time consuming process to accommodate changes on each release.

High investment in workday functional team.

No way to do risk analysis before configuration changes.

Absence of defined bast practices to recommendations for optimization.


Isolation of customer data

Handle system without PII data

Follow OWASP compliances strictly

Large amount of data within response from Workday.


Aspire Solutions

Aspire established an end-to-end product development offshore team.

Customer wise database for data isolation.


Not used any PII data except email of user.


Rapid vulnerability scans and generate a report from Tenable.io to make sure application following OWASP guidelines.


Automation of application AWS infrastructure provisioning.


Redis and WebSocket bases async data processing and notifications.


Data search from Elasticsearch Indexes.


Docker container and cluster-based environment to handle heavy workloads.


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