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About the Project

Our client (recruitment company) is helping giant companies to hire executives. Our customer wanted to create a system which can help to perform online structured interview. Interviews are structured and more related to psychological questions which can help to find good culture fit candidate (Executive) for specific job opening.

There are three stages involved in this interview portal’s process.

1. Client Interview – Recruiter sands the invite to client to perform online Interview. Client will get the invite in email and then from email he can open this portal to perform interview. Once interview has been performed, recruiter will get the insights of Job requirement and client expectations. Like., Candidate skills, Attributes and expected minimum ratings for each skills/Attributes.

2. Candidates Interview – Recruits will send invites to all candidates, reached to interview stage. Each candidate will perform the online interview same as client.

3. Reports

a. Client Interview result

b. Candidate interview result

c. Client and Candidate Interview comparison report

d. Executive Summary report – Which will help to find best matched candidate for job.


Customer offering executive searches with strategic tools and organizational insights andoffers long-term value to the clients with a collaborative consulting process.The customer has a team of partners who are each shareholder of the company and worked across the globe

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

There is no need to subscribe to a third-party application for client and candidate assessment.

Approximate 60% cut down on operational costs.

The new applicationis user- friendly for clients.

Ease of managing & processing assessments of clients and candidates.

Less human involvement and eliminated dependency on third-party software.

Improved quality of service provided to clients.

Improved efficiency and better response time

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Nowadays, it is challenging to identify the best candidates for organizations when looking for new employees. A lot of things need to look for when defining the search attributes and identifying the candidate who is best for the search.

More than 40% operational overheads to identify the candidate's behaviour and expectations from the client.

The high cost of maintaining assessment data at the third party application.

No better way to select top attributes for the search among the list of attributes.


Implement online structured interviews dynamically, which helps to maintain questions for the online structured discussion.

Integration of tool to identify the top attributes of the search.

Integration with an internal application.


Aspire Solutions

Aspire provided a web-based product development offshore team from concept building to product delivery to enhancement, maintenance, and support.

Our business analysts are involved with the customer to understand the core idea and the problems they face in daily life.


They delivered the end product by dividing the work into different milestones so that the client reviews all the work at the end of each milestone.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short- term and the long-term requirements


Integration of search attributes selector tool with the application


We are implementing the dynamic online structured interview and removing third-party dependency with the application.


Implementation of custom roles & permissions for the different types of users.


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