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About the Project

The application is a platform for the customer to automate the NDT(Non-Destructive testing) job testing reports along with all back-office work. It is a general platform for all the NDT testing companies, from where companies can manage customer/technician details, perform auto job assignments, get real-time job progress, perform test result reports, and manage invoices, inventory, and wastage of raw materials.


Customer is a reputed company in india for non destructive testing, material testing, third-party inspection, and consulting services in NDT and welding inspection-related technologies. The customer is the pioneer in casting radiography with all other third-party inspection agencies.


Benefits Delivered

An employee can update job details from anywhere.

The job completion cycle is improved by 25%, which means each employee can perform 25% job more per day.

The customer is aware of each job status easily.

Zero human error in job results and to generate test reports.

A company owner can easily know staff performance by the waste material report.

Auto invoice generation and reminders.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Our customer is currently using the desktop-based application which is available only from his computer. There are several drawbacks to the existing system:

Not available in every machine.

No real-time job updates.

Support only Radiology testing and reports.

Not able to find wastage of materials.

The dashboard is not available to know the overall idea of business.

Auto invoice reminders are not available.


Conceptualization of the application to monetize the application with minimal investment.

Real-time data updates for end-users.

Module-based development to install it on a subscription basis.

Microservice-based project architecture.

Dashboard design to meet the expectation of every company in the same domain.

Automate the job workflow to minimize manual task handling.


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire established an end-to-end offshore product development team, from concept building to finished product delivery to support.

Our Business Analysts got in touch with the customer, understanding the core idea and the main problem we aim to solve with the proposed solution.


Helped the client with the “Go To Market” strategy, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and phasing the relevant features.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short-term and long-term goals.


We provided a jhipster-based solution using microservices and module-based product development. So, our customers can quickly sell the product to other companies on a subscription basis.


Provided dashboard to know companies profile/loss, wastage of material, inventory, business growth, etc. statistics in a graphical way.


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