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The platform enables users to quickly assess information security compliance risk across all facets of their business, including but not limited to the collection of consumer private information.

The system provides clients a dashboard on exposure and vulnerabilities as well as provides remedies such as self-assessments, written policies templates, employee training, vendor risk management, and technology recommendations to mitigate the liability associated with the risk.


Our US based client assists with identifying information security compliance risk, implementing policies and procedures, delivering ongoing training and testing, and assessing vendor vulnerabilities. In addition, via its strong network of information security technology and solution providers, they can help provide its customers a one-stop shop for their compliance needs.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

Approximate 60% cut down on operational costs.

No need to manage separate data each vendor and user.

Vendors can add their service providers/business associates.

Ease of managing & processing a considerable amount of surveys and assessments

Improved quality of service, better service provided to clients

Security measures to manage confidential information

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

The small & medium scale dealers face following challenges in being WISP compliant:

Organizations struggle to meet complex information security compliance requirements due to lack of the expertise to identify relevant regulations and standards.

They face challenges implementing policies and procedures as they need ongoing training and testing to ensure employee awareness and preparedness.

Managing information security compliance is time-consuming and expensive due to time to time updates by government authorities.

Data breaches and security incidents can have devastating consequences in terms of financial losses from fines, remediation costs, and lawsuits.


Implement vendor hierarchy along with multiple vendors can associate with one vendor.

Display maximum survey data on the dashboard for users to identify security risks.

Implement dynamic survey to handle multiple surveys.

Manage Assessment with dynamic data with workflow

Service Provider/Business Associate Invitation

Managing of organization policy documents and templates

Implementation of the assessment workflow for vendors & advisors so that advisor can provide their remediation for the assessment.


Aspire Solutions

Aspire provided a web-based product development offshore team from concept building to product delivery to enhancement, maintenance, and support.

Aspire provided a web-based product development offshore team since the concept building to product delivery to enhancement, maintenance, and support.


Our business analysts involved with the customer to understand the core idea and the problemsthey are facing in the day to day life.


Delivered the end product by dividing the work into the different milestones so that all the work is being reviewed by the client at the end of each milestone.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short- term and the long-term requirements


Implementation of basic survey management and removed third-party dependency with the application.


Generate dynamic assessment form for the different sections and maintain the assessment data.


Implemented the process workflow for managing and reviewing the assessment.


Managing the level of thehierarchy of the vendors.


Policy document template management and generate dynamic policy document.


Implementation of custom roles & permissions for the internal users.


Implementation of custom invitation templates for sending aninvite to vendors and users.


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