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Portal working with and joining up with several insurance companies shows a new way to change the process of leaving work in healthcare field really helpful. AI technology creates a system that goes beyond usual ways. It gives companies an easy way to change jobs for workers and takes pressure off HR staff. One of its major advantages is that it automates tasks for letting people go, freeing HR workers from routine work. This automation lets them concentrate more on big plans that make their company go forward. Portal makes HR departments work faster and better by improving processes.

The platform's ability to show many types of health insurance plans matches with what the new workforce needs. These are choices that suit them best individually. It goes past the old COBRA way, giving cheaper choices that fit each person's healthcare needs. This helps people who are leaving their jobs to make good choices about health care, making it easier for them after they stop working.

It's smart helper chatbot is like a wise guide. It knows well what someone prefers in health insurance and shows them the best choices. The chatbot basically turns into an easy-to-reach, one for you guide. It makes the usually hard and confusing task of choosing good health insurance options easier.

One important part of Portal is its promise to follow the law properly and quickly. This promise reduces the dangers tied to following rules during leaving a job. By making sure they follow the rules, this tool lets companies feel safe and trust in their ways of letting people go.

1. Automate offboarding tasks, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.

2. Platform provides benefits to explore a variety of health insurance plans and get as per the specific needs. Offer cost-effective health insurance options. (COBRA Alternative)

3. Using an intelligent AI chatbot. chatbot is designed to understand your health insurance needs and guide you toward the best options. It's like having a personal advisor available at your fingertips!

4. Fulfill legal obligations accurately and efficiently.


Our USA-based customer is an approved partner with and is appointed by multiple health insurance carriers. As per our customer, we cannot prevent unexpected job loss. However, we can help people continue to afford health insurance. Our customer organization gathered a team of advisers—large and small employers, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers to protect a family’s health and financial wellness in tough situations.


Benefits delivered

85% reduced time spent on HR offboarding tasks, focusing more on strategic initiatives.

75% potential savings achieved through COBRA subsidies reduction.

50% risk mitigation for involuntary offboards and potential COBRA claims.

AI based support helped customer to save 70% of support cost.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statements

Offboarding employees are the complex and lengthy process for HR department. Among the multiple tasks involved, one of the crucial aspect is to overseeing the transition of Health Insurance plans and their associated benefits. Otherside the employee may face many issues due limited COBRA Inssurance plan options and may not give cost effective benefits after leaving the job to employee. Moreover, beyond COBRA, exploring and comparing non-COBRA insurance plans isn't a straightforward task either. The process of accessing or comparing these plans isn't always easy, adding layers of complexity to the offboarding journey.


Prepare a marketplace of non-COBRA affordable insurance plans.

Integration of different HRIS employer systems.

Guide employee to choose right plan wihtout support team.


Aspire Solutions

Aspire established an end-to-end product development offshore team.

Provided AI chatBoat Jemmie, for assistance and automation solutions to streamline processes, optimize underwriting, and enhance customer service.


Prioritize user experience (UI/UX) by conducting usability studies and designing an intuitive, user-friendly portal.


Implement different HRIS Integrations using to smooth and secure communication between different systems.


Provide Firebase and Firestore solutions to handle information securely.


Implement Looker and MixPanel to provide valuable data analysis for informed decisions.


Provide Sentry and Drata solutions to security measures protection against threats.


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