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About the Project

Cab-booking System - It is a product to handle all cab booking problems from a Handset (Mobile device). This system has 3 major modules:

1) Operator Module: For driver registration process and 24/7 customer support.

2) Passenger Module: Android application to book a cab, pay a fare, track driver who picks up him/her for the journey.

3) Driver Module: An android application that shows a booking placed by the passenger.


The cab booking system is an idea conceptualized by one of the leading analysts working with a Fortune 500 company. He has faced many issues while booking a cab in London, with several apps giving accurate results. He started this project with the vision to provide niche cab booking services that will help users to book cabs easily.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

Driver’s weekly business grown by 25%.

Drivers can do the job at his/her preferable time.

Passengers can save an average of 15% of the time while waiting for a cab.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

The traditional method of hailing cabs is outdated, inefficient, and often inconveniences passengers and drivers. Hailing a cab on the street can be time-consuming and unpredictable, and calling a taxi company can result in long wait times and limited options. Additionally, traditional taxi companies may not have the technology to provide real-time tracking, secure payment methods, or transparent pricing.

Drivers were unable to find customers easily.

Unable to find the best suitable cab for any journey.

No accurate updates from the driver, whether coming on time or not

Customer security was a major concern.

Customer engagement with the driver was not easy at all. So, drivers were not able to get repetitive business.


Algorithm to find best possible cabs for search parameters

Job chaining algorithm for each driver

Live to track of cab

The auto fare calculation algorithm

Real-time updates from system to driver and passenger both


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire established an end-to-end product development offshore team,
starting from the concept building to finished product delivery to support.

We created our job chaining algorithm, which gives enough weekly jobs to each driver.


Created an auto fare calculation algorithm based on journey distance.


Real-time web updates using sockets to track cab with integration on map.


Designed driver registration flow for quality and background checking of each driver for passenger security.


Offered driver work schedule module for driver’s ease.


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