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Impact of IT Sector on Healthcare Sector during Covid-19 pandemic

By Dhruvil Dudakiya 17 May 2021


As we are seeing a day-to-day rise in covid-19 cases in India and some part of the world.

In this situation, different industries have shown growth, while many of them have gone down. If we talk about the growing industries it would be like Healthcare, IT, Industrials, etc.

If we talk about Healthcare, The first quarter of 2021 saw continuing appetence for deal-making with the highest ten deals by worth totaling $285B, compared to $130B a year past at the beginning of the pandemic; a rise of 119%. The quarter’s overall deal worth totaled $989B, the very best of the past four years with a rise of 81% YoY, whereas the general deal count accrued 12% YoY.

The healthcare market in India is expected to reach US$ 193.83 billion by 2020 and US$ 372 billion by 2022, driven by rising income, better health awareness, lifestyle diseases, and increasing access to insurance.

The Government of India aims to increase healthcare spending to 3% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 2022. Mergers and acquisition (M&A) deals in healthcare jumped by a record 155% to Rs 7,615 crore (the US $1.09 bn) in FY19.

The number of doctors with recognized medical qualifications (under the I.M.C Act) registered with state medical councils/medical council of India increased to 1,255,786 in September 2020 from 827,006 in 2010.

Following a year of social distancing, lockdowns, and job losses, 41.1% of U.S. adults reported anxiety disorder or depression symptoms in Jan 2021, in line with the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau’s house Pulse Survey.

These growing issues have spread out a path for digital health companies with psychological state platforms to lift capital and expand their client base by giving employers services to utilize for their workforces.

Over the past 2 years, investors have channeled uncountable dollars into platforms that supply psychological health and behavioral care services. Following the onset of COVID-19, corporations ramped up their investments, resulting in Lyra Health INC.’s $187 million Series E funding round and Modern Life INC.’s $74 million round in Jan 2021 — an equivalent month that another mental health company, Talkspace Network LLC, proclaimed it might merge with blank-check company Hudson Executive Investment house. to create a combined entity price regarding $1.4 billion.

How IT Industries Helped growing Healthcare Companies?

Healthcare organizations have historically been slow to embrace innovations and processes. However, by adopting digital transformation, the healthcare industry is empowered to beat common industry pain points and create seamless omnichannel experiences for customers, patients, and providers.

Let’s see how different healthcare providers and organizations across the world have utilized flexible enterprise-ready platforms to design personalized patient portals, consolidated electronic health records, updated integrated systems, and productive intranet platforms.

Opportunity and challenges of the Healthcare Industry

Generally, the healthcare industry has been slow to grasp new technologies and tired of changing the way business is done. However, healthcare organizations have much to gain from investing in digital transformation. Improving patient care, optimizing operational efficiency, and tackling everyday industry challenges such as efficiently organizing patient records are all possible through digital transformation.


  • Lack of communication between patients, providers, and physicians
  • Legacy software and non-integrated technologies
  • Disparate systems for managing a large volume of data
  • Slow adoption of new technologies


Solving these challenges and changing the healthcare industry is possible through a powerful digital platform, Liferay DXP, Odoo, Salesforce, SAP, and many more. Take advantage of an open-source and enterprise-ready platform for your business to build tailored solutions to tackle these pain points. Here are the ways some healthcare providers and organizations used Liferay’s platform to solve their problems.

Consolidated Electronic health records

Since the standardization of electronic health records (EHRs) in the U.S., hospitals, and healthcare providers have confronted the challenge of integrating disparate software systems of record and sources of data, for convenient access in one location. A major, national healthcare delivery system utilized Liferay to bind together all their business intelligence systems into one comprehensive portal to replace a siloed system.

Productive intranet platforms

The Liferay platform can also be leveraged to facilitate better communication and efficiency among employees. Philadelphia, a foundation utilized Liferay to build an intranet that gives ambulatory employees access to business information regardless of time, place, or device so that they can provide more effective and efficient care.

Customizable patient portal

Healthcare organizations choose Liferay to be their patient portal platform since it focuses on the requirements and behavior of modern customers. Organizations, like AvMed, have exploited the incredibly granular personalization and many out-of-the-box features. AvMed integrated three legacy sites into one dynamic, mobile-ready platform that increased site traffic and reduced support calls.

Cutting edge Integrated system

Medimpact Healthcare Systems, Inc., is the country’s biggest full-service pharmacy benefit manager. Their systems were in desperate need of an upgrade to support the growing user base and keep up with new guidelines. They utilized Liferay to build a scalable portal platform that integrated with existing legacy systems and improved development, data access, and content management.



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