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About the Project

Portal is centralized calendar solution for doctor’s offices and hospitals that integrates with call centre secretary service. In calendar, doctors should be able to organize their schedule, especially appointments with patients. The calendar is also used to manage resources (such as X-ray-machine, surgery rooms), to send out invoices to patients and to bill doctors or hospitals for using secretarial services, such as sending out invoices to patients.

Patients with one or more diagnosis, coming in to receive services by the doctors. After they receive service(s), they will be invoiced or receive a receipt if they already paid for the service(s).

Doctor can access certain information quickly. For example, if a doctor wants to make an appointment which needs an x-ray machine, he can sort all the appointments in the calendar in a way that shows him the availability of the x-ray room immediately. Also, if a secretary wants to book an appointment for an x-ray with Doctor A, application algorithm will show the availability time of x-ray room and Doctor A immediately.


Our Germany-based customer is closely working with doctors (Majorly psychologists) to support them in their appointments with the patients and help them book the hospital, rooms, and the devices they require for their patients.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

No need to hire personal staff to manage appointment booking operations.

Approximate 80% cut down on operational costs.

Doctors are able to handle 35 sessions a week with patients, which was targeted by them to achieve before Healthcare Assistant system introduced.

Automated appointment booking using Emil Adolf Behring bot patient can book an appointment anytime easily.

VOIP integration with system helped secretaries to handle 35% more calls.

Easy to find Hospital resource availability at booking time.

Easy to search the right doctor and at the right place.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Doctors handle the patient’s appointment booking manually, either on their own, or hired personal staff, or by hiring a professional agency

Up to 20% Operational overheads, resulting in fewer appointments in a work day.

High cost of maintaining full-time staff

Rigid appointment record system

Unavailability of data when needed

Patient history records are not easily accessible

Missed and/or Dissatisfied Clients


Since the doctor can visit multiple hospitals, we had to maintain a consolidated doctor’s calendar to show the doctor’s availability and booking.

The system had to be fully integrated with the VoIP system so that as soon as the customer calls the doctor the call is routed to the assistant.

The assistant is presented with the doctor’s calendar and a questionnaire related to the specific doctor. Also, since the doctor is being charged for the time the assistant is on the call, the call duration is recorded and is charged to the doctor.

To decrease the number of the assistant required to handle the requests, there was a requirement to create a bot which can help in booking without human intervention.


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire established an end to end product development offshore team, starting from the concept building to finished product delivery to support.

Our Business Analysts got in touch with the customer, understanding the core idea and the main problem we are targeting to solve by the proposed solution.


Helped the client with “Go To Market” strategy, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and phasing the relevant features.


Proposed the best-suited technology stack keeping in mind the short-term and the long-term goals.


Developed a web portal where doctors can access patient data from anywhere.


Provided solution for a Lucene based search facility to get patient history and appointment data easily without violating the privacy of customer data.


Integrated third party VOIP system with Healthcare Assistant, which can help to give patient history data automatically on patient call and to Autofill booking forms.


Quick & Easy Calendar based appointment booking solution.


Suggested to develop a bot to help a patient in booking appointment which would help to reduce the work of the physical assistants and save a lot of money.


Automated appointment notification system to remind appointment to patient


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