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Streamlining Quality Processes with Odoo ERP: Real-Life Examples of Odoo Quality Control in Action

By Aspire Softserv 2 Aug 2023

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Maintaining product quality is crucial for building customer trust and brand reputation in today's competitive business landscape. Odoo ERP offers a comprehensive Quality Control (QC) module that ensures adherence to stringent quality standards.

Let's explore how Odoo Quality Control helps streamline quality processes with real-life examples.

Comprehensive Quality Control Points

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An automobile manufacturer seeks to enhance the quality of their vehicles by implementing Odoo Quality Control. They set up quality control points at critical stages of the production process, including body assembly, paintwork, and final inspection. At each control point, designated inspectors used the Odoo QC module to inspect and record any defects or deviations from standard specifications. This proactive approach allowed the manufacturer to identify and rectify potential issues before vehicles reached customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced warranty claims.

Inspection Types and Criteria

An electronics manufacturer executes Odoo Quality Control to ensure the reliability and implementation of their products. They created multiple inspection types, including incoming quality checks for electronic components and final product testing. Each inspection type had defined criteria, categorizing defects as critical, principal, or minor. This classification enabled the manufacturer to prioritize quality issues and allocate resources efficiently. By enforcing stringent quality criteria, they minimized product recalls and returns, strengthening their market position.

Automated Inspection Scheduling

A pharmaceutical company integrates Odoo Quality Control to automate inspection scheduling. With Odoo, they set up automatic inspections for every new batch of raw materials received. The QC module generated inspection requests based on predefined criteria, ensuring no uninspected raw material. This proactive approach significantly reduced the risk of using substandard materials in the production process, maintaining the consistency and efficacy of their pharmaceutical products.

Integrated Non-Conformity Management

A food processing plant adopts Odoo Quality Control to address quality issues systematically. An automatic non-conformity report (NCR) is initiated whenever a product fails inspection. The NCR documented the reason for the defect, the corrective actions taken, and the responsible parties. Odoo's integrated non-conformity management system ensured that each quality issue was investigated and resolved promptly. This traceability helped the company identify recurring problems and implement preventive measures, ultimately improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality Control with Work Orders

A manufacturing facility combines Odoo Quality Control with the Work Orders module to ensure product quality during production. Quality checks were made mandatory steps within work orders for critical components. This forced operators to perform inspections before proceeding to the next production stage, preventing the production of faulty goods. The integration also enabled the management to track and monitor quality performance at each production step, resulting in better quality control and reduced rework.

Real-time Quality Analytics

Real-time Quality Analytics .png

A consumer electronics company leverages Odoo's reporting and analytics capabilities for real-time quality insights. Odoo Quality Control generated dashboards and reports that showcased defect rates, inspection trends, and the effectiveness of corrective actions. Analyzing this data, the company identified recurring quality issues in specific product lines and implemented targeted improvements. As a result, they reduced product defects, lowered warranty costs, and strengthened customer loyalty.


The Odoo Quality Control module proves to be a beneficial asset for relations seeking to streamline quality processes and deliver high-quality products consistently. Real-life examples from various industries demonstrate how Odoo enables firms to set up comprehensive quality control points, automate inspections, manage non-conformities, and gain actionable insights through real-time analytics. By leveraging Odoo's robust Quality Control module, businesses can foster a culture of excellence, build customer trust, and solidify their position as industry leaders. Implementing Odoo Quality Control is a strategic decision that propels businesses towards a future of unrivalled quality and success.


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